Interactive Content
Interactive frameworks ready for our team to customize for your touch-screen project.
Modern HTML5, designed for portrait or landscape displays. All content is editable in Google Sheets.
Virtual Receptionist
Interactive Lobby Directory

Allow visitors to browse your employees or staff and securely call, text or chat directly from the kiosk. Options Available: Employee Directory integration // Call, Text or Video Chat directly from the kiosk // Zoom or MS Teams integration // Security System connections // Mobile touchless

Photo Gallery / Hall of Fame
for Donors, Alumni or Staff

Allow visitors to browse through photos and review stats and media for award winning athletes, employees, students or donors. Options available: Editable data and media // Direct data connections to staff and donor management tools // Integration with media libraries // Virtual trophy case // Mobile and website versions

Campus, Office, Retail & Residential

Interactive maps for office buildings, campuses, residential and leasing offices. Allow visitors to browse and locate where they’re going. For leasing options, allows visitors to browse available offices or homes. Options available: Employee Directory integration // Leasing availability integration // Pathfinding // Security System connections // Mobile touchless

Donor Recognition
Donor Lists & Dedication Maps

Allow visitors to browse your donor listings. Runs automatically when not in use, scrolling through donor names. Allows for multiple categories of donors and optionally integrates with wayfinding for locating bricks and other tributes. Options available: Donor management integration // Media integration // Pathfinding // Easy to add or change donor listings // Mobile touchless

Event Map & Photo Wall
Interactive Attendee Map or Mosaic

Add your event visitors to an interactive 3d globe to create a browsable guest book, with an option to include selfies. Visitors can add themselves via their smart phone or directly from the kiosk. Options available: Global or country specific maps // Moderation queue // Self running // Mobile touchless.

Menu Kiosk
Browse or Order

Browse an interactive menu, or order directly. Connects to your POS system for ordering. For browsable menus allows for content editing in Google Sheets. Options available: Point of Sale integration // External media integration // Mobile touchless