Generative Art
A mesmerizing perpetual canvas, trained in an abstract style,
creating a new unique work of art every few minutes.

Ambient Canvas 3
by Jim Nista

Using details from the seasons, time of day, and mood, the canvas generates evolving animated pixels while you watch. Slowly over the course of several minutes it builds a one of a kind painting. Once finished, it slowly erases most of the detail, before starting again. The previous painting is lost forever as it starts fresh. Colors change throughout the day, especially at sunrise and sunset, when colors get most dramatic. Brushwork styles flow and evolve, even during the course of the painting. Sometimes multiple brushes 'compete' against each another, refining a section here, destroying a section there for an infinite process of creation and destruction.

Style 1: Infinite Landscapes Abstract scenes of mountains, oceans, flowers, sunsets, and galaxies emerge. Designed to evolve slowly, complete the canvas, then destroy the work before creating a new unique piece.
Color Matching The canvas can be tuned for environments where you need specific colors to accent your interior design.
For Video Walls Always unique content for your corporate or residential lobby. Every time guests walk through, they'll see a unique, brand new work of art unique to the day and season.

Different BrushesDifferent brushes and painting styles are available. Some are more pixelated, while others are more organic and follow typical artist techniques.
How it works Coded for BrightSign, SpinetiX and other digital media players, the canvas is designed to run infinitely. It generates a primitive scene internally, then uses clues from that scene to layer endless brush strokes. The primitive scene guides the brush directionally and helps select colors. Configures itself for any size video wall or display and does not require internet access.